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Senger Naturwelt

Senger's 'Best Seller - The Small Brown Bear from the 'Floppy Animals' range, is made from the highest quality, organic materials. It's soft and 'Floppy' nature makes it the perfect bedtime companion  and with it's heirloom quality, it can be cherished for years to come!


The small floppy animals (30 cm) are perfect for small children due to their handy size, while older siblings find loyal friends for life in the large floppy animals (40 cm). All floppy animals are made of ecological cotton plush and sheep‘s wool and therefore, they are the ideal toy that can be put into the mouth without hesitation.


Dimensions - 30.0x 10.0x 24.0cm

Weight - 153g


Handmade in Germany from high quality materials including:

  • Organic woven fabrics from Upper Franconia and Peru
  • Organic sheep’s wool from the Eifel
  • Straps and cords from Wuppertal

Senger Small 'Floppy Animal' Brown Bear

Ikke på lager
    • Environmentally friendly on the heater or while cuddling
    • Alternatively 2-3 minutes at 75 degrees in the oven
    • Hand wash only
    • Do not tumble dry 
    • Lay flat to air dry
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