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Looking for a new way to entertain the kids? Scrollino is not only fun, inspiring and interactive, it is also fully recyclable and compostable, as only high-quality organic materials are used. 

How it Works

1. Double Scrollino® has a dual-rewinding system (Scroller), a Scrollino box with a “viewing screen,” and a paper roll printed with stories or illustrations. To start enjoying this Scrollino, insert a pencil in the top scroller and turn it clockwise to start playing. Continue turning the pencil to complete your journey through the maze.

2. The Scrollino is especially designed for kids. Great for pre-school aged children, who are just starting on their learning journey. With it's bold pictures and contrasting colours, Scrollino makes learning fun and interactive. Children will enjoy it just as much as playing with their favorite toy. Plus their older siblings will have just as much fun!

3. Did you go all the way to the end? Now, insert the pencil to the bottom Scroller and turn anti-clockwise to rewind. Luckily, each Scrollino comes with a wooden pencil to help you to rewind the paper. The Scrollers have been designed to work with most standard pen and pencil profiles (hexagonal, rounded, triangular, etc.) so you can keep scrolling everywhere.

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